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Services Offered

Systemic therapy allows you to work with individuals, couples, families and organisations - anyone who makes up a system.


We are human beings, always in relationship with others. In our work together we will think about your wider system, including anyone in your life who matters and influences you.


Together, in a safe and non-judgemental space, we will explore ways to manage the difficulties that life presents. We will uncover methods and techniques that allow you to cope with the demands of life and communicate in a safe and helpful way with your nearest and dearest.

My services include but are not limited to ...

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Grief

Feelings of grief due to a bereavement or loss

of any kind

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Relationships

Couples, or those in partnerships, who want to discuss their relationship

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Abuse

Experiences of neglect, substance use, physical, emotional or sexual abuse

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Bullying

Experiences of 


or bullying

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Eating disorder

Experiences of 

an eating disorder

or related symptoms

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Anxiety

Intense and difficult feelings of sadness, anger, depression or anxiety

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Families

Families experiencing 

an array of

different matters

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Neurodevelopment disorders, such as

Autism and ADHD

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Sexuality & Gender

Anyone exploring their sexuality or communicating

their sexual identity to others

Family Dynamics | Counselling | Self Harm

Thoughts or


of self-harm

How does it work

Call, email or complete the contact form to enquire about a time for an introductory call.

In our introductory call we will get to know one another better and explore what you are looking for.

If we choose to work together, we can establish regular sessions at a time that suits you - whether that be in person or online.

  • How much do sessions cost?
    An initial phone call (free of charge) will be held with me to discuss any current issues and what brought you to Family Dynamics. Fees are decided on a sliding scale and will vary according to constraints on income. Initial exploratory consultations are charged at a fixed rate for 90 minutes. If we agree to continue to work together, a cost will be agreed between us depending on frequency of sessions and location. Reduced charges will be offered to students and lower income individuals or families. Payment for all sessions to be made via bank transfers within 48 hours of receipt of invoice. For ongoing therapy, I invoice at the end of each month.
  • Do you offer online or face-to-face work?
    I offer online sessions nationwide and in person meetings in the West Midlands and Warwickshire counties from my private therapy office located near Warwick.
  • How long does each session last?
    Initial sessions are for 90 minutes. For ongoing weekly or fortnightly sessions they are 60 minutes.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    I will always see if I can offer an alternative appointment to the one that needs to be cancelled - which would run as a one-off at a different time or day that week. I do not charge for appointments where you have been able to give at least one week’s notice of cancellation, but do charge for sessions otherwise.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    This mainly depends on the presenting challenges, as well as other factors, such as your commitment to therapy, motivation and financial situation. I am flexible in our approach to the frequency of the appointments and would aim to discuss this with you during the initial consultation. I am able to see people for both short-term and long-term work.
  • Are therapy sessions confidential?
    The material that is discussed in therapy sessions together remains confidential. My work is supervised by an experienced therapist. This is common practice for counsellors and therapists, in order to remain alert in our work. My supervisor, in turn, maintains the confidence that I offer you. It is permissible for me to suspend the confidentiality of meetings if I have a compelling reason to believe that failure to do so will result in critical harm, either to you or to another person. If a child is at immediate risk of likely critical harm, I am required by safeguarding law to disclose this. If I decide that it is necessary to break confidence on these grounds, I will discuss this with you at the earliest possible opportunity.
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